What Revolution Do I Want to Lead? – LYL Start-A-Blog Challenge – Day 7

Woo hoo!

I made it!

It’s the final day!

These questions are hard! To be honest, I’m pretty glad it’s all over!

From that point of view, it has been a real challenge. I’m not used to writing so openly and rushed.

Most of the time I feel like I’m mumbling, droning on, and on and on… Anyway, let’s do this.

What revolution do I want to lead?

One that’s defined by action. One that has a positive impact on people’s lives. One that inspires people to change their lives in some sort of way. One that makes life on earth better for millions of people.

I know – that’s all pretty vague for a revolution. I need to get way more specific.

I think if you could help improve people’s health in some sort of way that would be amazing. Encourage them to be healthier – again – pretty awesome.  I get that genes play a part, but from what I know about the human body and reading The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner, lifestyle is also important.

I think great things can happen if you get good people together.  I’ve seen great companies been built that way.

It also inspires people. If you show people what’s possible, good ways of treating people, they’ll often soak it up in some way. That’s one of the reasons that who you work with and hang around with are so important. You really are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. For most of us sadly, those people are our colleagues.

It’s also why it’s important for businesses to get rid of low performers quickly. They will only infect the rest of your workforce.

You are turning into your colleagues whether you like it or not so you better like and respect them. You need to work with great people. You need to put yourself into a position where you are going to learn, and move yourself on if not.

I’d really like to make a few people who are mindlessly aiming for college think twice about what they’re actually doing with their lives. So many people go to university, law school, thinking it’s the best thing they could be doing. I disagree. I want to change that.

I want people to travel and pursue the things they’ve always wanted to do.

I want to change how people work. Let people produce their best work and be their most productive. Let’s change what the work place is all about.  I’m a big fan of the Energy Project and Tony Schwarz’s The Way We’re Working isn’t Workingand Nicholas Bates’ You, Only Better.

Sure there are plenty of bad things that are happening in the world, there always will be. But, there is also great hope. In peace, in freedom, in respect, in tolerance, in love, in kindness, in compassion, in encouragement. Too many people engage in negative behaviour from a standpoint of fear, fear of what’s different, fear of scarcity. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We live in the best time ever to be alive.  There are opportunities all around us that our grandparents couldn’t even have dreamed of. Let’s stand up for each other, respect each other’s differences, encourage and help each other make the most of life, and see what progress we can make together.

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