My Favourite SNL Clips


The writing is superb. The sketches are often ridiculous but there’s always something that makes me laugh. The cast are amazing and I love how current/topical a lot of the sketches are.

As far as I know, the whole show isn’t available in the UK but you can watch the sketches on SNL’s YouTube channel.

Here are some of my favourite clips (in no particular order) although there are many more:

Christmas Ones (since it’s the season)

The Christmas Candle

This is gold, and I’m embarrassed that I’ve learnt this off by heart now…

Sumpin Claus

Hillary Actually

Visit with Santa

Santa Baby with Ryan Gosling

Sexual Discrimination

Claire from HR

Welcome to Hell 

I think this strikes a chord with most women.

Sexual Harassment Charlie

I wrote about sexual discrimination generally earlier this year. This following clip made me laugh.

It’s true. Almost everywhere I’ve worked there’s at least one door man who is inappropriately friendly or a bit too touchy feely… I experienced this recently and almost made a formal complaint. The guy chilled out however, and now I’ve embraced being called “beautiful” or “sweetheart” or whatever else on my way to work, (I have bigger things to worry about…).

There’s no way I would tolerate any of my male colleagues or counterparts speaking to me in that way though!

Double standards do exist.


Amazon Echo

Target Commercial

True to Life

A Girl’s Halloween

This reminded me of too many night outs when we were younger…

Baby Shower

And this reminded me of a lot of people I know…

E! New Line Up – SNL

Celebrity Sketches

Pantene Commercial with Sofia Vergara

Italian Restaurant with Ryan Gosling

Olive Garden with Scarlett Johansson

Weekend Update with Jennifer Anniston

Papyrus with Ryan Gosling


Customer Service with Melania Trump

Welcome Video following the Muslim Ban

The Bubble – Where We All Might Want to Live

Sean Spicer’s Press Conference

Melissa McCarthy is amazing in so many of these. This is a good one.

Oval Office with Donald Trump and Others

There are so many excellent Trump sketches. This is one of my favourites following his call to Australia.

Translator with the Trump Supporting Dog

Crazy Characters

Close Encounter with Ryan Gosling

Kate McKinnon is amazing in this.

Cinderella with Cathy Anne

Bachelor Auction

Gemma with Dwayne Johnson

Music Related

There are so many of these. I really enjoy watching them.

A Thanksgiving Miracle

You won’t be able to listen to Adele’s “Hello” without recalling this clip again.

The Day Beyonce Turned Black


This is Not a Feminist Song

Actress Round Table

Film Screening