This has got to be the most boring title to a blog post ever! My Nain is obsessed with Andrew and I returning to live in Wales. After 16 years of living in London, you would have thought that she would have accepted that we are not going to move. I think she’s getting worse as she gets older. I […]

Best British Restaurants in London

It’s surprisingly hard to find a decent restaurant in London that concentrates on British food.  Here are some of my best British restaurants in London at the moment: Quality Chop House (Farringdon) Atmospheric, unpretentious with an old school class.  There’s no menu, just 3 courses of sublime food and a decent wine list.  The bar next door also serves food and […]

Best French Restaurants in London

Most fine dining restaurants in London serve French food, and they are consistently good at it. Few Michelin star establishments offer anything different or exciting.  If you’ve had one well cooked pork belly, how good can another one be?  Thankfully there are a few cheaper and more interesting places popping up.  Here are some of my favourites: Cheaper than Michelin […]

Best Indian Restaurants in London

I love Indian food.  I’ve been to India a few times and have a long standing relationship with the food there! Fortunately I live in London where you can get some excellent Indian food. Here are the best Indian restaurants in London for me so far: My favourite Indian restaurant is Durbar in Bayswater.  The karai and Lorient Special Chicken are delicious.  It’s […]

Best Sunday Roasts in London

The problem with going out for Sunday lunch, is that it’s never as good as what I’ve had at home, (one of the reasons I’ve stayed with my partner so long is because he’s such a good cook). Exceptions are few and far between but here they are – my best Sunday roasts in London: Royal Oak (Borough, near London Bridge) Good […]

Best Tapas in London

There are so many sub-standard Spanish restaurants in London.  Care must be taken when one selects a place to dine.  Here;s where you should go for some of the best tapas in London: Mind Blowing Tapas For phenomenal tapas, there are two places which are in a league of their own.  In both cases, arrive early or be prepared to queue: Jose near London […]

Best Burgers in London

For me a good burger has to be made from good beef (no gristle thank you!) has a decent amount of seasoning, a good sauce, is nicely grilled on the outside and not overcooked on the inside. Getting into a burger joint in London in the evening can feel like trying to get into a club at 11pm on a […]

My Favourite London Food Markets

If I were to die and go to heaven, it would look like Borough Market (Thursday/Friday/Saturday).  Probably the busiest and most touristy of all London food markets but I love it, (even more now that it’s got bigger). About a 20 minute walk away, you have Maltby Street Market. Home to Bad Brownie, who make the most delicious brownies in the world, […]