Best Art Galleries in London

If you like art, you are spoilt for choice in London.  The following are mainly FREE (although donations are encouraged) which means you don’t have to feel pressured into seeing everything in one go. Here are my best art galleries in London:
National Gallery This is one of the best art galleries in the world and if you like art, you can easily spend hours here.  The audio guides are fantastic and are also free – what are you waiting for!  If that’s not enough, they have some excellent ticketed exhibitions including the famous Leonardo da Vinci exhibition which sold out months in advance.  Exhibitions are announced months in advance so it’s worth being on the look out in case there’s anything you may want to visit in the future.
National Portrait Gallery Fabulous collections of portrait paintings and photographs – trust me they are more interesting than they sound.
Tate Modern You can’t really miss this building which dominates the Southbank opposite the Millennium Bridge. One of the best places to see modern art in London.
Tate Britain Down the river towards Pimlico, the often overlooked Tate is worth a visit for your fill of British artists like Turner, and Constable.
Courtald Gallery There is a small charge for this gallery but there are some excellent pieces and since it’s smaller than some of the other art galleries it’s much easier to take in.
First Thursdays For those wanting to experience something new, the Whitechapel Gallery help organise a tour of east London’s art galleries on the first Thursday of each month. Perfect in summer when you can take your beers and walk around in the sun.
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